Entradas por oihane

XXIst Century

XXIst century is a photographic experiment, based on a simple statement; people´s mentality does not change easily.

The project was performed at the beginning of the XXIst century in the city of Madrid.

A series of people and/or couples were naturally located in different neighbourhoods. Doing natural things, such us talking, reading a newspaper, hugging each other.


We work in BBVA´s own Agency & Production Company and Millenials Team (Mª José Jordá, Kerstin Kindling, Noelia Arroyo, María Iglesias, Casilda Vega y Marta García) came to us. They were studying Millenials and their behaviors searching new forms of banking and they wanted to create a book that would resume the study and a video to explain the method. In this case, we draw the real people who actually participated in the project. That´s why it is a bit realistic. We also used textures to make it more real, more human.

Señor Plof

El Señor Plof is a tale that Concha Ballinas wrote for her grandchild Emma. She chose me to illustrate those beautiful words. Emma’s family is drawn in its pages…

Dime que me amas

Dime que me amas (Tell me that you love me) is a novel that brings Don Juan Tenorio´s character to a nowadays story in the body of a young girl with the necessity of conquering every interesting woman who crosses in her path. Winner of the Xth Odisea Award of Literature. Best seller in its first edition, same in pocket edition and ebook version.